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Artifex Studios is your global partner for crafting incredible games. We support developers and publishers with custom engineering and game art services, keeping the end user at the forefront of every project. 

Game Art

- Concept Art
- Casual Art

- Hidden Objects 

- Slots Games Art

- 2D Character Art
- 2D Environment Art
- UI/UX Design
- 3D Character Art
- 3D Environment Art

- 3D Game Modeling 

- Sculpting

- Texturing

Game development

- Full game development

- Co-development

- Porting 


- Unity Development

- Unreal Development

- Metaverse Development

- Blockchain Game Development

- Mobile Game Development

- PC Game Development

- Console Game Development

- Cross-Platform Development

VR/AR Development

- Full cycle development

- Prototyping

- Unity Development

- Unreal Development

- 3D Modeling 
- 3D Animation

- QA

Animation & VFX

- 2D Animation 

- 3D Animation
- Rigging 

- Visual Effects
- Motion Capture

- Mobile game trailers

- PC/сonsole game trailers

- In-game cutscenes

- Cinematics


- Hire Unity Developers
- Hire Unreal Developers

- Hire 2D Artists

- Hire 2D Animators

- Hire 3D Artists

- Hire 3D Animators

- Hire Character Artists

- Hire Environment Artists

- Hire Game Designers

Our Services

We breathe life into game worlds. Our talented and passionate team is dedicated to delivering exceptional art that meets your exact specifications, on time and within budget. We pride ourselves on meticulous attention to detail and efficient workflows. 

From mobile games to cutting-edge Blockchain and VR/AR experiences, we handle projects across all platforms, ensuring the highest quality for any market. Our goal is to leverage our expertise and build long-term partnerships, working together to create unforgettable titles enjoyed by millions of players.